Update / Change Mobile Number with Absher

How to Change / Update Mobile Number with Absher

Method 1:

If your registered mobile number is working and you have access with your Absher Account you can use this method to change / update your mobile number with Absher (Jawazat E-Service)

Here is the Steps:

  • Login to your Absher Account by visiting www.moi.gov.sa
  • Click My Dashboard>>> Address >>> Update

Provide your new number (If you don’t have home or work number repeat your mobile number)

Then press finish button.  Your mobile number will be Successfully Activated and you will be notified by SMS


Method 2:

If you lost your mobile number and don’t have access to Absher account, then you can go for this method


  • Visit Nearest Jawazat Kiosk Machine
  • Provide your Iqama Number
  • Select Update mobile number option
  • For verification press your Right Index Finger in fingerprint Scanner
  • Again  repeat with your left Index finger
  • Provide your New Mobile number
  • Enter OTP SMS to Kiosk Machine
  • Finished