Unlock Zain Huawei E5172As-22 Router

How to Unlock Zain Huawei E5172As-22 Router

This is 100% working method, no need to spend anything

First Download Zain Latest Firmware by Click Here


  1. Remove SIM card from the router
  2. Switch on the router
  3. Connect to your computer by Ethernet Cable
  4. Visit router control panel by typing in your browser

Go to Home >>> Update  >>> Chose previously downloaded file and update.


Now visit this link and create unlock code for free.

Use your gmail account to login.

Provide your Router IMEI Code and Model Number

Click follow google plus profile and get your unlock code

Take Unlock Code

Now visit again router control panel, then login and goto Internet  >>> APN Management  provide your unlock code here and unlock the router.

Now your router fully unlocked and you can customize router as per your service provider.

Insert your new sim card

Add APN for diffrent network providers


  • Profile =STC
  • APN Name = Jawalnet.com.sa


  • Profile = Mobily
  • APN Name = web2