STC and Mobily increased internet package price by up to 50%

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) have increased the prices of data packs by up to 50 percent.

Here are the new prices:


SR100 for 10 GB data package for a month.

SR200 for 300 GB for two months.

SR500 for 300 GB for three months.

SR350 for unlimited service per month.


SR90 for 5 GB for three months.

SR545 for10 GB for three months with WiFi device.

SR450 for 300 GB for 3 months.

SR775 for 600 GB for six months with WiFi device.

SR530 for 20 GB monthly for six months.


SR45 for 2 GB for a month.

SR65 for 5 GB for a month.

SR119 for 10 GB for 3 months.

SR199 for 50 GB for 3 months.

SR299 for 200 GB for 3 months.

SR325 for unlimited data a month.