UAE Online Visa Application for Saudi Iqama Holders (Residents)

Requirements for UAE E-Visa
  • Iqama valid for a minimum of three months
  • Copy of Passport with a validity of at least six months
  • Passport size photo graphs
  • A valid profession that makes you eligible to apply for E-Visa
  • A valid credit card
always  travel with your original iqama or muqeem card.

What is the validity of E-Visa of UAE?

  • The E-Visa issued to GCC accompanied residents is applicable for 30 days, however it can be extended for a period of another 2 months.
  • The E-Visa issued to GCC residents is applicable for 30 days from the date of arrival and it can be extended for 1 month only.
NOTE: The entry will be cancelled if on entrance, the Iqama is found to be expired
NOTE: The entry will be cancelled if you change your profession after visa has been issued.

Procedure to Get E-Visa for UAE through MOI Website

Login to MOI website of UAE  –Online Visa Application UAE

  1. Apply for the E-Visa form online available in the GCC resident tab
  2. While filling the form:
    • Select one of the five following cities as your entry points:
      • Dubai
      • Abu Dhabi
      • Sharjah
      • Ras-al Khema
      • Fujeirah
    • Select the port of arrival, example Air Port if you are travelling by Air or a valid port if travelling by road
    • Profession is to be selected from the list of professions given. For a child you select CHI and for a Housewife the profession of a Housewife
    • Fill you name in English in the name tab and click on “T” tab to get it translated to Arabic
    • Iqama issuance data as mentioned on the Iqama
    • Apply for a separate UAE visa for every dependent that is travelling with you
  3. Enter all your contact details, for example the hotel you will be staying in and how many dependent you will be travelling with
  4. Scan and upload the following documents
    • Passport size photographs
    • Iqama
    • Passport
  5. Pay the fee online through your credit card. The fee for each passport is AED 230
  6. Submit the application once you have reviewed it

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