Here are the most latest Saudi Arabia Visa fees by category.

Diplomatic, Official and Some Special kind of official visits exempted from this fee. Eligible iqama professions for family visa

Fee for Single Entry Visa with 3 months validity is 2000 SR (Can renew for 3 months with 100 SR)
SR 3000 for 6 months multiple entry visa 
SR 5000 for 1 year multiple entry visa
SR 8000 for 2 years  multiple entry visa
this fee can pay at your home country with Injaz system


  1. Hello I would like to inform you that I am interesting for commercial visit to saudi Arabia. Please how I get the visa. And what is the requirements for this visa.and please tell me about visa application form site

  2. If I bring my family by visit visa (3 members-one visa) to K.S.A.,the fee 2000 SR for each persons or one visa? Please explain

      1. Hi I want to bring my wife in Saudi Araba for visit visa 90 days, its possible to I can contact any India travel agent. after they can provide me visit visa?

  3. My wife came here on family visit visa. I extended her visa from 90days to 180days. Now she have to leave ksa by march end. It is possible to extend her visa for another 3 months. Is it possible to extend her visa for 9 months?? 270days?? Or only 6months?

  4. As per new saudi rule it is possible to extent fsmily visit visa to 270days. Is it true?? Travel agents asks me to pay some amount for this process.. is there any new rule like that. Or a fake news

  5. Dear Admin
    I bought my family for visit visa 90 days. Now i want to extend it again for 90 days.. But i heard from my friend that now we have to renew the insurance policy first for applying the extension of visa through system. So please guide me what is the new procedure. How we can renew the travel insurance and all.

  6. Dear Admin,

    is it true there is new rules for visit visa extension. please answer because my wife visa need to be extension in this week.

  7. Dear Mr. Girish,

    did you try. if you try what happened do you get extension. kindly forward of travel agents mobile number. i will try also.

  8. Dear Admin,

    is it true there is new rules for visit visa extension. please answer because my wife visa need to be extension in this week.

  9. Hello…

    Me and my father working here in saudi arabia and mother also here in his iqama.Now my father job has been finished and his leaving from ksa.

    My question is can i transfer my mother iqama under my iqama ? How much it will cost and what are the proceedures


  10. Hello i could like to know the maximum family visa extension period. I know before it was 180days. Is that remains same or now one can extend upto 9months???


  11. Hello sir,
    My iqama profession is General welder , I need to can i apply for visit visa .
    somone said i cant bring my family on visit on general welder iqama profession

  12. I am planning to bring my daughter to my native country and go for final exit before my iqama expires so that I will not pay dependent fee. My question is how much it will cost if I change my mind and re-apply my daughter to come back here in Riyadh… Thanks for your reply in advance…

  13. Hello,
    My mother is here on visit visa multiple one year. On visa printed 90 days stay. Is this possible to extend further 90 days without exit from kingdom. If anyone know about this please let me know.

  14. Good Day, we paid 1 year ( 375 days )visit visa for our child now nearly 180 days are used the jawasat send message that she only has 7 days remaining on the system, but when we try to extend her visa on Absher it says ” visit visa count not be extended because it reached the maximum amount of days”. We paid for 1 year and there should be 180 days remaining. what should we do?

    1. U must exit and re entry again after 180 days cz it is multiple visa so u can extend just one time after 90 days and after 180 days u must exit and re entry again to saudi arabia

  15. Hello, My Child has 365 days or 1 year visit visa, but jawazat send message that she only have 7 days vailidity of her stay, only 173 days has passed since she arrive and suppose to be there should be another 6 months remaining on her visa. when we try to extend her visa on absher is says ” visit visa could not be extended because it exceeds the maximum days allowed”. what should we do?

  16. Dear Admin,

    What is the visit visa fees for infant (8 months age).
    I want to call my wife and infant son on 3 months visit. Will I have to pay 4000 total or is there any discount for infants/ children?
    Please clarify. Thank you!

  17. Dear friends,
    I applied family visit visa after chamber showing error message (Please enter a new application and enter the required names of the full name as in the passport)before i applied only by a given name but now i don’t know? my doubt is after mofa update must be enter sur name & given name as in the passport or only given name is enough. please give me a reply.

  18. need some professional help
    I’m an Indian citizen, my iqama is of GENERAL LABOR category, i want to bring my wife on family visit visa after paying sr2000… for 3 mnths and extend it to another 3mnths..
    it possible for a general labor to get this visa?

  19. hello sir.

    iwant to ask you that my profession on iqama is saiq qaas. iwant to bring my wife on visit or any visa is it possible?
    or any othere option to bring her here in ksa at least for 3 months,
    please answer me. thank you.

  20. What is the procedure for infant 20 days old . I and my wife have permanant residence card of sudia . But delivery is perfom in pakistan plz guide me

    1. Get passport for baby from Pakistan and come, jawazat will stamp a temporary visa on baby’s passport on arrival. Once arrivaed you have to pay 2000 SR fee and dependent levy on your iqama number then you can go to jawazat and get new Iqama.

  21. My father is now in saudi Arabia on family visit visa under my sponsorship . Now i want to get final exist. My father can stay any more after my final exist. His visit validity still 60 days . Or can’t get untill my father will exist before me ?

  22. Hi my friend wants to bring his sister and nephew on visit visa, is there any chance or how can he get tourist visa for them. Please advise.

  23. i m trying bring my wife with family visit visa but rejected all time due to my iqama category inconsistent, also now rules changed we cant change our category.

    please suggest any way to get visa

  24. Q1. Is it possible to extend 1 Year Multiple Visit Visa. If yes how and for how many days and cost?
    Q2. How to check Visit visa status? Website?

  25. dear: i understand that you answered right process that for multiple visa, we need to extend at 90 days then send family on before 180 days and re entry family again but my question after re entry how many month they can stay on multiple visa on 6 months multiple visa and on 1 year multiple visa. kindly confirm for 6 months and 1 yer multiple visa once family come back again on re entry how many months they can stay (are they stay 6 month again on 6 months multiple visa or 1 year for 1 year multiple visa)

  26. hello,

  27. gud day, just want to ask what would be the next step after i obtain the approval from mofa here in saudi?and how long can my mother will stay here..thnks for the response

  28. May I know what is the next step after I obtain the aprroval from MOFA, and how long can my mother will stay here in saudi as my family visitor? Thank you for the response

  29. Aoa.i need a husband had issued my visit visa from Saudia Arabia but we want to know that how many days it is valid before stamping n for how many days it is valid before travelling.plzzzxz kindly help n answer me.I will be thankful to u.

    1. Hi you will get the correct answer from Etimad Agent in pakistan who are authorised agents for dealing with the Saudi Embassy or Consultae in your city. Just contact them and ask them.

  30. Assalamualikum.

    My family visit visa is going to expire on 26 Feb which was issued for 90 days and I have renewed more 90 days so now 180 days is about to finish, is there any chance of getting renewed for one more time.

    Please reply

  31. I have visa number

    Within how many days I should stamp in india

    After stamping within how many days i will come to saudi

    Please reply or Whatsapp 0565242300

  32. 3 months single entry family visa can be extended while the visitor stay in KSA? If yes then how many days it can be extended and how much is the fees for extention?

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