How to obtain Saudi Arabia Transit Visa (18-72 hrs Visa)

If you have a layover at any Saudi Arabian airport for 18-72 hours or are you planning to travel through KSA on your way to another country, you will need a transit visa. Furthermore, you will need to apply for this visa before your trip as transit visas are not issued at the airport.

To get this process started, you must submit the following:

1) A valid passport

2) One recent passport style photograph

3) A Saudi visa questionnaire filled out and signed

4) Declaration of Saudi Laws signed

5) Confirmed ticket or itinerary showing your layover. If you are going in by land, you will need a letter detailing your trip including the ports of entry and exit.

6) Proof that applicant can legally enter the country of destination after KSA (a visa, residency card, passport etc.)

You will also need Enjaz completed and paid for online (Fee 300 SAR). Once completed take a print-out and Visit your Country’s Consulate or Embassy and Submit the application with photocopies of your passport and other documents. Normally within 7 days or less to process your visa. If you overstay your transit visa you will be charged roughly $750per day you have overstayed!

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