Buy A Brand New Car without Down Payment

Buy A Brand New Car without Down Payment

Now a days it is easy to purchase a brand new car in Saudi Arabia. Many Companies offers Lease/Installment felicities like Abdul Latheef Jameel Toyota, Al Nghi Hyundai, Al Jarir KIA 

From my personal experience Autostar is the best company to provide Car Loans to Expatriates, They are offers various 3-5 years Alyusr Finance with or without down-payment, Once you submitted the required documents in any of Autostar Branches, Only takes a week or 2 weeks for Processing

Documents Required

1- Salary Certificate with chamber of commerce  (Minimum Salary 3000 SAR)
2- House Rent Agreement Copy
3- House Electricity Bill
4- Location Map of both House and Work Location

That’s All

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