National Address Registration in Saudi Arabia

The registration with National Address is mandatory in order to keep active your bank account. The deadline is April 14.  If you fail to register within the allowed period, the bank accounts may freeze.

Customers can furnish their address by updating their profile online in their bank account page or at

The Kingdom introduced this system for the first time in the Arab world. It also helps security forces reach crime scene faster.

The National Address System consists of six basic information: Building number, street name, neighbourhood, city, postal code or zip code, additional phone number.

How to Register National Address


Provide Personal Information for National Address

  • Enter Iqama Number
  • Select Non- Saudi Option
  • Provide Iqama Expiry Date (Provide actual expiry date)
  • Provide Mobile number
  • Provide Email Id
  • Chose gender Male/Female

Provide Residency Information for National Address

  • Chose the type of residence (Flat/Villa)
  • Chose ownership of residence (Rented/Owned)
  •  Are you the actual renter (Yes/No). If rent contract in your name you can choose yes otherwise chose No
  • Apartment Number (Provide your apartment number on your building)

Please Note: National Address system will not allow registering with expired Iqama. You must have a valid iqama for registration

Click Next and Complete. You will get a new address, you can print this or write somewhere for future purposes. Also, you can log in to national address website by giving iqama and mobile number and get the address a later time.

If you are using online banking, just log in the online banking account and enter your new national address there or you can visit the branch for the same.