Possible ways to overcome Huroob Status

If you are in Huroob (Absent from work) Status, you have 3 options to Legalize your Status

1- Request Your Sponsor to Cancel Huroob Status

If you can convince your Sponsor this is the best and easy way to solve the problem. In this case you can approach Passport department with following documents.

  • Form for cancel Huroob Status
  • Huroob Report
  • Fee

Go to Jawazat (Passport Department) with your Sponsor or his Representative and Submit there.

2- Go to labour Court
You can’t alone approach Labour Court, You can request help from Social workers or from your Embassy.
3- Surrender to Authority
You can surrender yourself to any Tharheel center (Deportation Center). They will arrest you and keep some days in Jain and deport to your home country. In this get you will get a 5 years ban to enter Saudi Arabia.