How to Change / Correct Name on Iqama

How to Correct Name on Iqama

If your Iqama name is different from passport name or any difference in Arabic – English name printed on Iqama will create so many difficulties.  Recommended: Open alrajhi bank account online


Changing English Name on Iqama

Changing English Name on Iqama is a bit easier process. It can be done by online, you can ask to your company government relations officer or agent (for small establishments) (authorised by your sponsor) Related: check your sponsor name  and bataqa number


Changing Arabic Name on Iqama

Changing Arabic name on iqama is a bit long process, first you have to fill-up a form and sent it to Jawazat with company representative or Agent.  You may also like: get complete list of mobile numbers registered under iqama 

Here is the form


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