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Check Iqama Traffic Violation


How to Check Iqama Traffic Penalty

To Check Violation Amount

To check just traffic violation amount you need only Iqama number.
Visit  Ministry of Interior website https://www.moi.gov.sa
select English as language
go to Electronic Enquiries
go to Traffic
Select Query Traffic Violation
Or alternatively, by clicking this link you can directly enter to the page
Then Provide Iqama Number and image code then press view button. Next page will show the total amount of the traffic penalty.


Check Moi Traffic Violation

Check SAHER Traffic Camera Violation Location and Time

If you are looking for MOI Traffic Camera Violation Location, Date and Time details, you should have both iqama number and violation number that you may get from traffic violation SMS / E-mail from MOI traffic department.  Click Here to Enter to MOI Public Query Traffic Violation page directly.  

Provide Iqama number and Violation Number then press view button. You will be redirected to another page with violation location map and other details (like below picture)


Check Moi Iqama Traffic Violation


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