Saudi Arabia to install surveillance cameras in all mosques

Saudi Arabia is planning to install surveillance cameras in the more than 95,000 mosques registered in the kingdom, a senior official has said.
“The project is still in the experimental stage and we have reached agreements with specialised companies to cover all the mosques with surveillance cameras,” Tawfeeq Al Sudairi, the deputy minister for Islamic affairs, said.
“There is complete coordination between us and the security agencies regarding the matter and as soon as the experiments are over, we will start covering the mosques with cameras. We will start with the most important mosques as part of the long-term project,” he told Saudi dailyOkaz.
A special operations room with direct links to the mosques will be set up at the ministry, he added.
Three mosques in Saudi Arabia last year and in January came under attack by suicide bombers, resulting in deaths and injuries.