Abshir Registration and Activation


Absher (MOI Online Service) Account
Registration and Activation

Visit MOI website with following link www.moi.gov.sa, then follow below steps

  • click on “New User?"
  • Enter your Information  and Agree terms and conditions.
  • A Reference code will be sent to your mobile number. 
  • Enter the code and get verified. Now You are successfully registered, but not activated yet.
You can Activate your account by visiting any of Jawazat "Kiosk" machine 

Registration Process on Self Service Kiosk machine

This process is very simple and it takes only less than a minute.

1. Select your language. English or Arabic

2. Type Iqama Number

3. Place your Right hand index thumb on finger print reader

4. Then do same with Left hand index finger

5. Enter mobile number

6. Enter secret code number get by sms

Finish. Now your account is ready for use