Al-Sulaybiya, Land where the finest grapes are grown in Saudi Arabia

Al-Sulaybiya, which produces the finest quality of gapes in Saudi Arabia, hope that the fruits of their labor will contribute toward the development of the local economy.

The region supplies more than 20,000 tons of different varieties of grapes all over the country and is very popular among customers. The seasonal production of the fruits begins in mid-July and continues till the end of September every year.

International Demand of Saudi Bonds Jumps 2.6%

While the massive international demand on Saudi public bonds has proven the advanced position of Saudi economy, the trading in the Saudi stock market jumped on Thursday around 129 points as a first reaction by local investors to bonds’ issuance.

High international demand on Saudi public bonds is irrefutable evidence that the Saudi economy now enjoys high credibility according to World countries, especially after the announcement of the Saudi Vision 2030 and economic reforms.

International demand on Saudi public bonds recorded high rates compared to the offered bonds. Figures revealed that demand reached USD67 billion for bonds worth USD17.5 billion—this means that demand exceeded the expected supply by 382%.

These figures reflect the Saudi credibility around the world and its attraction to overseas investments in Saudi public bonds, amidst international indicators forecasting a growth in the economy during 2017.

Health Insurance is Mandatory for All Saudi Visit Visa's from 17th Oct 2016

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory to undertake the health insurance for all travelers irrespective of their visa types (even for transit visas). The health insurance certificates can only be obtained through Enjaz Banking System of the Saudi Embassy by paying an amount equivalent to USD 254 or SR 952 which has to be paid along with visa fee. It should be noted that starting from Oct 17, 2016 the Saudi Embassy shall not accept any visa application without the insurance. It is also important to mention here that Saudi Embassy will not accept any other kind of insurance apart from insurance subscribed by Enjaz Banking System. As a result of this, the visa fee in your respective countries will further be revised starting from 17th of October.

It means that the fee for family visit visa is going to be further increased by SR 950. It should be important here to remind you that expatriates are required to pay SR 2,000 per passport fee in addition to some other administrative fee in the home countries. If this insurance requirement is applied, expatriates will be required to pay around SR 3,200 per passport to apply for family visit visa.